Group 1 – Moderator: Elliott Young

Elliott Young  (Lewis and Clark College) – Global Borders: Enforcing Asian Exclusion Beyond the Boundary Line

Hidetaka Hirota (Boston College) – Forced Transnationalism: The Removal of Migrant Paupers from the United States to Canada in the Nineteenth Century

Gilberto Fernandes (York University) – The Age of Recoveries: Public Memory, Historical Consciousness, and (Trans)National Propaganda in the Portuguese Immigrant Narrative of North America, 1950s-1970s

Evan Taparata (University of Minnesota) – “No Moral or Legal Obligation”: The Bureau of Immigration, Mexican Refugee Migration, and Border Security along the United States-Mexico Border, 1910-1917

Bruno Ramirez (Université de Montréal) – North-American Borderlands in the Making of a Continental Migration System

Group 2  – Moderator: Benjamin Bryce

Randy Widdis (University of Regina) – Figuring, Configuring and Reconfiguring: Some Reflections on Borderlands, Transnationalism, and Migration

Seema Sohi (University of Colorado) – Radical and Imperial Fronts: Indian Anticolonialism 
and U.S. and British Antiradicalism in the Western U.S.-Canadian Borderlands

Benjamin Bryce (York University) – On the Borders of North America: Spatial Networks, Transnationalism, and German Lutheranism in Ontario, 1880-1930

Erika Lee (University of Minnesota) – The “Yellow Peril” in the Americas: Restricting Japanese Immigration in North and South America, 1920s-1930s

Elizabeth Venditto (University of Minnesota) – Italian Nation-Building at Our Lady of Pompei (New York City): 1892-1914

Group 3  – Moderator: Alexander Freund

Alexander Freund (University of Winnipeg) – Central American Refugees in Winnipeg: Stories of Home, Violence, and Displacement

Grace Delgado (Pennsylvania State University) – White Slavery:  Sexual Policing at America’s Early Twentieth-Century Borderlands

John Rosinbum (Arizona State University) – ‘We are in the Middle of Two Great Powers:’ US and Canadian Asylum Policy and the Plattsburgh Border Crisis

Chris Grafos (York University) – Visions Of Greece: A Study Of Canada’s Greek Immigrants During The Early Stages Of Dictatorship, 1967-1969

Julie Young (York University) – “Seeing like a border city”: 
The politics of refuge and resistance in Detroit-Windsor

Group 4 – Moderator: Kerby Miller

Yukari Takai (York University) – Serving and Profiting from Japanese Arrivals: Transmigration of Japanese and Business of Immigrant Hotels

Kerby Miller (University of Missouri) – Mental Borderlands:
 The Many Migrations of Edmond Ronayne (1832-1911)

Janis Thiessen (University of Winnipeg) – Religious Borderlands and Transnational Networks: The North American Mennonite Student Press in the 1960s

Andrew Hoyt (University of Minnesota) – Luigi Galleani, Carlo Abate and the Context of Connection: Linking Immigrant communities and Anarchist Propaganda Networks

Gráinne McEvoy (Boston College) – “Lend-Lease” Chaplains: American Catholic Bishops and the Cross-Border Apostolate to Mexican Migrant Workers, 1945-1964

Group 5 – Moderator: William Jenkins

William Jenkins (York University) – Comparative and Transnational Dimensions of Irish Diasporic Nationalism: Explorations from an English-Canadian and American Borderland, c. 1900-1916

Evgeny Efremkin (York University) – Finnish Transmigrants in National and Diasporic Imaginaries

David Atkinson (Purdue University) – The Global Politics of Asian Immigration Restriction in the U.S.-Canadian Pacific Borderlands

Andy Wilhide (University of Minnesota) – Somali Youth and Self-Making on Facebook: “4 get tht I hav my own language my mom calls it Englia I call it Somalish”

Kornel Chang (Rutgers University) – Brokering Empire: Asian Intermediaries and the Imperial Integration of the Pacific World