An important component of this research project will be the publication of an edited volume. Alexander Freund and Benjamin Bryce will prepare this book with the goal of bringing together the work of historians of Canada and of the United States.

Few studies have taken a balanced focus on both countries, and the notable exceptions have produced very fruitful results. The chapters will examine the relationship between local, national, and transnational levels. They will also examine ethnic networks such as the circulation of money, coordinated efforts of religious groups, and the distribution of media that crossed borders and spanned oceans.

The publication moves into an innovative area in the study of immigration and ethnicity with its cross-group focus. The book’s target audience will be students and scholars in both Canada and the United States who research issues of immigration, race, transnationalism, and borderlands. Finally, by taking a multiethnic approach and by focusing on several historical periods in the twentieth century, this volume will be an ideal companion for upper-year undergraduate courses dealing with migration in North America.