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“Local, National, and Transnational Histories of Immigration to the Americas”

Erika Lee, Professor of History, University of Minnesota. Director of the Immigration History Research Center.

The public lecture:

In this public lecture, Erika Lee presents some of her research on Asian migration and exclusion across the Americas, focusing on the United States, Canada, and Peru. She uses the concept of scales as a way to link local, region, and national histories to a larger transnational framework. This talk contributes to broader discussions of border policy and the circulation of ideas in the Pacific world. Lee highlights many ideas and activities that transcended national borders as she calls for a new focus on the history of the Americas.

The questions following her talk:


“The Mosaic vs. the Melting Pot? Myths and Realities of Cultural Pluralism in Canada and the United States”

This public roundtable discussion deals with the history of multiculturalism in Canada and the United States and many of the ideas and misconceptions that Canadians have about the mosaic and the American melting pot.

The roundtable:

The discussion after the roundtable:


  • Randy Widdis, Professor of Geography, University of Regina.
  • David Atkinson, Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University.
  • Grace Delgado, Assistant Professor of History, Pennsylvania State University.
  • Russell Kazal, Associate Professor of History, University of Toronto
  • Patricia Burke Wood, Professor of Geography and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, York University.


  • Roberto Perin, Professor of History at Glendon College, York University.